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The classes aim to enable women to prepare for birth using appropriately modified yoga postures simple breathing techniques and birthing positions. The classes include optimal foetal positioning and how to prevent or relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy like back and pelvis pain. The classes are friendly ,informal and fun. They provide a warm supportive environment and are a great way to prepare for birth, share experiences and meet other mums to be.

The tutor: Juliet James has been working with pregnant women in the Southampton area for more than twenty years. She trained as an ante-natal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust in 1990 whilst expecting her second child. This led to teaching ante-natal classes to couples and in parallel she began working with pregnant teenagers in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas. With the support of local midwives Juliet supported and prepared the young mums for labour and motherhood. Having used yoga during her own pregnancies Juliet spent six years training as a yoga teacher and therapist with Paul Harvey (Founder of Viniyoga Britain/ Association for Yoga Studies ), followed by further specialist training in working with pregnancy with Wendy Teasdill (British Wheel of Yoga ) and Viv Tallis aYs (association for Yoga studies).

Juliet now works closely with the local midwives in the Southampton area and teaches Pregnancy Yoga at the Ashurst Birthing Centre. In 2011 Juliet completed a ‘doula’ training course, enabling her to support women during their labour.pregnant lady with ball The course was run by Nurturing Birth and accredited by Doula UK.


Yoga for Pregnancy Classes
Mon. evening 6.30 - 7.30, Portswood, Southampton
Wed. evening 6.00 - 7.00, Chandlers Ford

Thurs.Morning 10.00-11.00 Ashurst Birthing Centre

Yoga Classes – The Viniyoga Approach


Yoga has many tools to enhance your quality of life. You can work with yoga on many levels. An inflexible body can be supported to move and soften. A weak body can move towards being strong. Shallow breath can become deeper and health enhancing. Yoga can support you to move from a confused mind to one of clarity. Yoga can bring about change, to improve your fitness for life, your feeling of well being and to connect more deeply within yourself. 

In this approach the form of the postures and breathing are adapted to suit each person. Students are first taught gentle controlled breathing linked to movements, and are then led on to the more classical practice of postures, breathing practices, and developing the ability to focus. The experience after a session is generally that of being physically extended, relaxed, focussed and energised.


Tuesday –Morning 9.15-10.15 Botley Market Hall

Wednesday Evening ‘Go Physio’ Chandler’s Ford