Anna D 
I attended Juliets class on Wednesdays 545-7pm at St Boniface Church from 22weeks pregnant up until birth. I have found the classes have mentally prepared me how to breathe through, and relax as contractions build. Juliet has a very approachable manner, and it has been invaluable seeing her weekly to ask all those pregnancy related questions. Juliet used to be an NCT teacher, so has a great insight into the stages of labour. I would recommend (and have!) this class to all ladies, it is more about breathing techniques and stretching, rather than balancing on one leg etc!

Emma B  
Simply the best thing I did to prepare for the birth of our first baby. Classes are small and friendly. Juliet provides useful techniques and instruction to prepare for, and cope with labour and birth. As a result, I felt empowered and confident when the time (finally!) came and I am sure this helped keep the labour going steadily. I had a positive labour and birth experience and used techniques I had learnt to cope. Breathing techniques also very useful for coping with pain in general and I will continue to use. Thank you very much :-)

Marisa B
Fantastic classes, I loved each one and found them super relaxing. All advice given was exceedingly useful during my whole labour. I would highly reccommend Juliets classes and will be back when number 2 is on the way! Thank you so much xxx

Sarah D  
Attended this class from week 20 until term +7! The classes are small and very friendly. They covered pregnancy yoga positions but also included lots of other general information on pregnancy and labour. Juliet gave each member tailored advice and exercises. This was time for me and my baby each week to de-stress and relax. I miss it! I used the breathing techniques and was able to have an active labour. I felt that I knew what was happening and how to cope through contractions. Brilliant, wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Alexa D
This was my second pregnancy and second time doing pregnancy yoga, and I really enjoyed attending this class. Juliet is very knowledgable and I felt very prepared for my birth and used her technics during my birth.

Kelly R
I started with Juliet when I was 28wks pregnant. I wasn't feeling my baby move much during that stage of my pregnancy and a midwife suggested that I go to yoga just to spend one hour a week of dedicated time to concentrate on me and the baby without thinking of the stresses of work and general life. I was slight dubious before going as I never thought yoga would be my thing but I'm really glad I went. It was good to take an hour out of my hectic life once a week but I also met some lovely ladies in the process and learnt loads about what to expect during the remainder of my pregnancy and the labour itself. I also found it extremely useful to learn techniques that helped me stretch my back so that I didn't end up stiff or in pain....I previously suffered with back problems before falling pregnant and was terrified that it would happen again during pregnancy but it didn't and I think the yoga had a lot to do with that. I ended up being induced through the drop so unfortunately didn't get the chance to use the positions that we'd learnt to help with labour but I most definitely used the breathing techniques to get me through the awful contractions! Juliet is friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes at the birth centre!

Maddy C
I started juliett class at 17 weeks, from the beginning I have had a tough pregnancy and she made me feel so welcome. She is really knowledgable on everything pregnancy and birth related and I will actually miss Seeing her weekly! She doesn't push you if you are uncomfortable and she is always happy to offer advice. I honestly cannot speak more highly of her! If you are looking for someone professional but laid back and approachable she is your lady! Thanks for being such a supportive part of my journey Juliet!

Emma F
A very informative & relaxing yoga class. Juliet is a fantastic teacher who really engages with her class. I found her techniques with breathing & coping in early labour very useful during my labour. Her classes are also a lovely way to chat and meet with other mums to be.

Kayley N
I started Juliets class around 20 weeks pregnant not sure whether it was going to be for me and quite nervous about my pregnancy. After my first class I walked out feeling happy and confident that I had a found a class that was friendly and knowledgeable. Juliet is very approachable and always on hand to answer any questions or concerns that either myself or other members of the class have. At first I was very nervous about the birth but after attending this class I feel more prepared with the breathing exercises and the information I have taken from this class. I enjoy going every week and have learnt so much from Juliet I highly recommend her classes and now want to take up yoga as hobby once ive settled into parent life. Thanks Again Juliet


Tahli R
I started going to this yoga class with my sister when I was about 19 weeks. I found Juliet to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. Learning about different breathing techniques and ways to cope in labour was great along with relevant physiology to makes things clearer. Really enjoyed these classes highly recommended.

Emma E
When I first attended one of Juliet's yoga classes at 21 weeks pregnant, the reference to labour and breathing through pain etc was rather a shock to my system! What I didnt realise was that this slow drip feed of information, breathing practise, labour positions etc from then until the end of my pregnancy would serve to make me feel so much more confident than I would otherwise have been about labour. In fact, I have learnt so much through my classes with Juliet that I was rather disappointed by my NCT course because I hardly learnt anything new! All of this fantastic insight comes alongside excellent yoga exercises for pregnant women which I have been able to do at home as well during my maternity leave. I would highly recommend Juliet's classes and am so glad that I have benefited from them so much :-)

Katie D
I attended Juliet's class in Portswood with my first pregnancy over 2 years ago and I have to say it was THE most helpful thing I did. Even more so than any of my NCT classes. It got me through labour (which was induced due to meconium in my waters) with only a tens machine and gas and air. This was down to the amount of information given on breathing techniques, visualisation and active labour... Although I ended up in stirrups I still completely put the lack of intervention down to my breathing and her teaching. I moved house 2 days before my daughter was born in Oct 2012. We now live a bit too far away for me to have attended with my next pregnancy (due 6th Jan 2015) but I did manage to get to one class (at 37 weeks) in Chandlers Ford on Wednesday this week. I'm so pleased I did as it really jogged my memory and got me focused on the birth and my all important pelvic floor! Thank you Juliet for your words of wisdom and general calmness in all you teach. Just awesome and I can't recommend her classes enough!! x

Rachel M
I really benefited from attending Juliet's classes as she taught us some invaluable breathing techniques and postures which I began using as soon as my labour started and then throughout. They all really helped in my labour experience. Her classes were a great way to meet other mothers-to-be as Juliet ran them in a relaxed, friendly and open way which made it easy to mix. Post natally, I am doing my pelvic floor exercises too in an effective way, thanks to Juliet

Elly W
Juliet's classes were always really relaxing and were fantastic for stretching out my aching back! Juliet passed on lots of handy tips about labour, particularly different positions and breathing, so I felt more confident and prepared.

Anno O
Juliet's classes are excellent! Small and friendly and really well-run. I learnt loads about not only keeping fit and healthy in the later stages of pregnancy but also many tips for breathing during labour. I would heartily recommend Juliet's classes.